Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Ministry delves into York school board’s books

Can do the math
Cash payments, unexplained salary increases and a six-fold increase in legal costs are among the findings from an audit ordered by the Ministry of Education into the finances of the York Region District School Board over the past five years.

Education Minister Mitzie Hunter ordered the financial audit of the board in April, in the days following a damning report detailing the board’s failings when handling complaints of racism, trustee misdeeds and how it fostered a culture of fear among staff.

The audit looked at “costs associated with senior administration compensation, and legal costs including staff settlements.” It found that of the 46 employees audited, more than half were deemed to be “non-compliant” with the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act — costing taxpayers around $307,000.

“During the audit, it was noted that certain positions were created due to reorganization,” says the report. “The employees who were promoted into these positions received a salary increase and respective increase in vacation payout.

“YRDSB did not have sufficient documentation other than organizational charts to support the creation of the new positions. Without job descriptions and documentation explaining the rationale for the reorganization, it makes it difficult to assess whether there was an increase in responsibilities to merit salary increases” allowed under the act, wrote the auditors from the Ministry of Education’s financial analysis and accountability branch and the Treasury Board’s internal audit division.

Out of the 24 employees found to be in breach, 18 are still employed at the York board, which is the third-largest in the province.  (more...)

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