Saturday, November 18, 2017

The saint who founded a movement in response to Freemasonry

Following on from my blog on the revised CTS booklet on fertility and infertility by Dr Pia Matthews (in the CTS Explanations series), I have been reading Freemasonry and the Christian Faith by Fr Ashley Beck, first published in 2005 and revised this year. This has been prompted by a friend emailing me a couple of weeks ago to tell me she had discovered an out of print book detailing all the ways that Freemasons have been secretly and maliciously orchestrating world events, from the French Revolution to the overthrow of the late Shah of Persia.

I am suspicious of conspiracy theories, partly because I recognise how easily they can take hold of the imagination with their vast, compelling fictions, and partly because they fly in the face of salvation history. I have occasionally come across devout Catholics who speak sotto voce about masonic machinations and have privately concluded that, in this area at least, they are slightly unhinged.

This does not mean that I dismiss the diabolical and the way it tries to influence humans in an underhand way. Evil has been part of the human story from the very beginning. The good news is that Christ has conquered death and, as the children of Fatima showed so beautifully in their innocent trustfulness of Our Lady of Fatima’s directives, reciting the rosary daily as she appealed is always the surest way to defeat the Church’s enemies.

Fr Beck’s booklet shows conclusively that being a Freemason is completely incompatible with being a Christian. Why Catholics (and to a greater extent Anglicans) should ever have been tempted to join them is a mystery to me.   (more...)

This rather lightweight piece suffers from a number of misconceptions. The notion that women cannot be freemasons is completely off base. The women's Eastern Star is far larger than the men's lodges. At my college, a woman professor and member of Eastern Star vigorously recruited for the order -- with much success. This college and the professor made significant contributions to the establishment of feminist ideology and women's studies at the university. This professor did her thesis at the University of California at Berkely under Theodor Adorno, one of the founders of the Frankfurt School.

So, here we see a connection between freemasonry and Cultural Marxism. Another connection is a well-kept secret. The cohort of students under this professor's tutelage were the daughters of old Nazis that immigrated to Canada. They were the product of a covert ratline to Canada, which had been abetted by Canadian masonic lodges. Our feminist professor, whose thesis was on "The Authoritarian Personality" was an ideal launderer and sheep dipper for Nazi ratline kids. One student was the daughter of a top Ontario freemason who had been an officer in the Austrian military during the war. I learned much about elite masonry from this rather talkative young lady. One further secret is that they are Luciferians, consistent with the pagan beliefs of the Nazi inner circle.

So, we find a eugenic agenda being pursued by other means than outright bloody genocide. The college was, as I've stated elsewhere, involved in the establishment of Canada's first abortion clinic and active in the promotion of contraception and homosexuality. Men at the college were encouraged to get vasectomies.

It is not surprising that St. Maximilian Kolbe began his priesthood with opposition to freemasonry and ended it with defiance of Naziism, with an attempt at the conversion of the fascist Japanese intervening. These evils are one and the same and if you have encountered the ruling oligarchy, you will have observed the convergence of these seemingly disjoint phenomena. Satan is a deceiver and wears many faces.

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