Thursday, June 8, 2017

The British Prince who Financed HITLER

Carl Eduard, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha headed Buckingham Palace’s
pro-German and pro-NAZI clique.
Senior Royals at Buckingham Palace planned, financed and stage-managed the first and second world wars… But it goes deeper than that – the British King Edward, British Prince George and the sisters of the Duke of Edinburgh all financed and promoted Nazism.  One of the most senior British Royals was Prince Carl-Eduard Coburg who was a Prince and member of the British Order of the Garter – a royal multi-millionaire and favourite grandson of Queen Victoria – he led many British Royals and members of the Irish Guinness family to support and even campaign on behalf of Hitler.  Indeed, it was the support of these British Royals which legitimised Nazism.

Hitler’s plan was designed and devised in London – at Buckingham Palace.  This evil plan can be summarised easily; Hitler & the British, Dutch & German Royals wanted to amalgamate all the ancient European nations into a single undemocratic SuperState.  It was a military plan – but also a financial plan too.  The Royals wanted to create an Economic Empire of Europe.  Many aristocrats, barons, princes and dukes from Britain and Germany supported Hitler and even became SS NAZI officers themselves.  After the second world war, many of them put on business suits and became the creators of the ‘European Union’.  The E.U. is exactly what Hitler and the traitor Royals wanted all along – an undemocratic super-government which imposes taxes, and which the people have no control over.  (more...)


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