Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nazis Get A New Gig: The World Anti-Communist League

Obscured by a name-change and the sands of time, the former World Anti-Communist League (WACL) has been eclipsed. Despite relative obscurity, the organization played a significant role in the politics of the second half of the 20th century. The first of a two-part series, this program documents the League’s composition and activities, with particular emphasis on WACL elements in Asia and Europe.

Mr. Emory’s analysis focuses on the League (WACL), as the reformation of the Hitler-Goebbels Anti-Comintern of 1939-40. (The Anti-Comintern was a Third Reich-led, international consortium of fascists, fashioned by the Fuehrer and his propaganda chief. In addition to coordinating international fascist groups, it functioned as a “sales tool” with which the Nazis could use anti-communism to peddle their movement to conservatives.) The broadcast documents the overtly fascist antecedents of many of the individuals and organizations involved with WACL.

With its roots in the original Anti-Comintern, the American Security Council is a key American link to WACL. Created by former FBI agents disgruntled at the demise of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s “investigations,” the American Security Council coalesced around the files of Harry Jung’s American Vigilance Intelligence Federation. (Virulently anti-Semitic, Jung’s organization was part of the original Anti-Comintern prior to World War II.) Counting among its ranks some of the most prominent names on the far right, the organization kept track of those it considered “subversive.” The group shared its political intelligence with prospective employers (particularly defense contractors.)  (more...)

Contrary to popular conceptions of baby-boomer campus life that painted a picture of hippie hedonism, my alma mater looked a lot more like this. Many signs pointed to the possibility that a Nazi ratline ended right in my engineering school. Since then, I've had an enduring suspicion that I've been watched. Is my case officer reading this?

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