Monday, June 19, 2017

A New Juan Diego? The Cross Is Mightier Than The Crescent

It took me a while to discover the cross. The one fascinating thing about the cross is its four arms. If they are indefinitely extended the cross will infinitely go towards all four directions. God used the cross to travel in all four directions to create a universal church. The cross is infinite and is universal.

But the crescent if it extends its arms, it can only continue until the circle closes.

So unlike the cross, the crescent is a ring. Islam is an endless loop. It is a circular argument where the Quran says that Allah sent the Quran to state that Muhammad was a prophet and to know that we must go back to the Quran because it says so.

But God is not a ring. He is infinite. Rings are but for weddings.

But here I was an 18 year old Muslim, single, I had no wedding ring, I never drank or had sex. I just came off the plane in 1978 from Bethlehem via Tel-Aviv landing in San Francisco. I was naive but well grounded in certain ancient wisdoms I acquired from living in a time where the modern was bordering on the ancient struggling with it but modernism did not prevail since traditions were more powerful than money.  (more...)

Unlike the Protestant morenos, those of darkened hearts who flooded the Church subsequent to Vatican II's false ecumenism, Muslims will become a new dewfall of authentic Christian life. As Europe's destruction is completed by false "christians" touting their phoney "reformation", the Catholic world will wake up to a chorus of ardent new believers with clean hearts and burning love for Our Lady, Patroness of the meek and the lowly. Though the haughty will disdain these newcomers, the saints and angels will welcome them with outstretched arms into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our Lady, Ark of the Covenant, pray for us.

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