Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Not your Daddy's Nazi: Criminal charges laid against publisher of controversial newspaper 'Your Ward News'

James Sears is pictured in an undated image from his personal website.
TORONTO -- Two Toronto residents said they brought a criminal complaint against a controversial publication the federal government deemed too offensive to distribute in the mail.

Warren and Lisa Kinsella, who are political strategists and activists, said a justice of the peace agreed Wednesday to charge the two men behind "Your Ward News" with uttering threats.

The pair said the charges stem from the publication's latest issue, in which editor James Sears writes that his supporters may decide to "bludgeon the Kinsellas to death."

Last year, the federal government ordered Canada Post to stop delivering "Your Ward News" after the then-minister of public services and procurement found it "highly offensive and well outside the norm of Canadian values."

Sears challenged the order and a hearing to review the decision began in late April.

In an email, Sears called the complaint absurd and "baseless," and suggested the court was lacking key information.

"My legal team and I will mop the floor with the Kinsellas on our first available opportunity in court but in the meantime, we will enjoy the free publicity that Daisy Group (the company run by the Kinsellas) has once again garnered for 'Your Ward News,"' he said.  (more...)

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Way more interesting than Warren's rope-a-dopeliberal debates with prolife champion Michael Coren. There will always be work affirming and legitimizing Rupert Murdoch mouthpieces. Catholics may make lousy Nazis, but they can be put to work nannying Aryan babies or sheep-dipping mass murderers. Ah, that word, "work". It'll make you free.

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