Saturday, June 17, 2017

Perv preyed on kids for decades

BRADFORD — For 40 years child molester Harold Leblanc, 74, has been sneaking in basements and bedrooms, lurking around back yard swing sets, and pretending to be a friend to neighbourhood parents so he could grope their little girls, court heard Friday.

It took one brave six-year-old girl who lived in his Bradford neighbourhood to come forward last summer and break the silence last year.

Standing in the prisoner’s box, wearing handcuffs, head bowed low, his back to the parents of his victims sitting in court, he softly pleaded “guilty” to 5 counts of sexual assault for repeated assaults on six children aged five to 12 from 1974 to 2016.

“Can I touch it?” he would constantly ask one little girl whenever he caught her playing alone. Her parents trusted him and allowed him to babysit.

She described how he would shove his bare hands into her panties and it would “hurt” when he would rub hard, the court heard in an agreed statement of facts.

“He touched my pee part,” said another little girl, five. She told how Leblanc came into her back yard and insisted on helping her climb the monkey bars and would shove his hands down her pants.

“I didn’t want to tell because I was afraid my dad would get mad at me,” she said, court heard.

Leblanc, who court heard is a retired maintenance worker with the York Region District School Board, played games of “tickle” with another child he babysat, prying her legs apart to touch her and saying there would be “big trouble” if she told.  (more...)

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