Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More parents turning away from public school system

The share of students attending public schools in Ontario continues to decline while independent schools and home schooling are growing more popular.

Although public schools remain the dominant education choice for parents, a recent analysis of ministry of education student enrolment data shows that compared to 2000-01, a smaller share of students attended a public school in 2014-15 (the latest year of comparable data) and a larger share are choosing independent schools.

To be sure, Ontario does have fewer school-age students (ages five to 17), which results in a corresponding decline in public school enrolments. In fact, enrolment went from 2.14 million students in 2000-01 to only 2.0 million in 2014-15, a decline of 7.4%.

But it’s not merely the declining number of students in government-run public schools that stands out, but rather the shrinking proportion of students that attend these schools.  (more...)

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