Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Teacher deserves lengthy jail term for sexual exploitation of student: Crown

That gleam in his eye
The case of a former teacher who sexually exploited a student demonstrates the need to throw out old-fashioned ideas about sex and consent, a Crown lawyer argued during a sentencing hearing Tuesday.

Chad Jeremy Smith should serve a 15-18 month jail term and three years of probation for abusing a teen girl over a two-year period, Crown lawyer Ron Edwards submitted in North Vancouver provincial court.

Edwards said a psychological report proved Smith had no real insight into his crime or empathy for the victim.

Smith had been a teacher at Argyle Secondary in North Vancouver for 10 years before he was charged in 2015.

He pleaded guilty to the exploitation charge last year. He has recently taken up work as an apprentice electrician and wants to go back to school.

Chad Jeremy Smith
Former North Vancouver teacher Chad Jeremy Smith pleaded guilty last year to a charge of sexual exploitation (North Shore News)

Several  family members, friends and former students wrote letters of support to the court on Smith's behalf, describing him as a loving father and inspiring teacher.

But Edwards said he spoke to one of the letter writers, who told him "it takes two to tango" — apparently implicating the teenage victim in the abuse. Edwards described that way of thinking as antiquated.

"As a society we have changed the way we see these types of relationships."  (more...)


The camel's nose is under the tent.

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