Monday, August 17, 2015

Wynne’s Sex-Ed Curriculum Wrapped in a Worldview: People Are Starting To Recognize This

It’s rare to find articles in the media that I agree with on the subject of Ontario’s soon to be released sex-ed curriculum, but I found this one by Dr. Nadine Nyhus in July 8ths Kitchener Record helpful and worthy reading for parents.

Apart from pointing out the medical and emotional risks of sexual activity neglected by the curriculum, Dr. Nyhus makes what I think is the most relevant observation, namely that it favours only one worldview to the exclusion of all others.
“Our teens have a right to be exposed to different world views. They need to understand that this curriculum is written from a worldview that seems to present purpose as irrelevant and pleasure as primary.”
Of course one might quip that the “purpose” of sex IS pleasure, but that is the material point Nyhus makes; that the curriculum does not present any worldview which points to a purpose beyond our own subjective interests.  (more...)

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