Friday, August 21, 2015

Dialectic: Brainwashing versus Education: The West Spreads “Intellectual Idiocy”

Are there really no alternatives to the fool's game?
Could any dictator desire more? Almost the entire population of the Empire is now thinking the same way!

The populace is “educated” at schools and the universities staffed with submissive, and cowardly teachers and professors.

The populace is “informed” by hundreds of thousands of servile journalists and “analysts”. There is almost no deviation from the official narrative.

Congratulations, Western Empire! You have succeeded where others tried but failed. You have achieved almost absolute obedience and discipline, a total servility.

And more than that most of the people actually think that they are free, that they are in control. They believe that they can choose, that they can decide. They are confident that theirs is the greatest civilization ever built on Earth!

Tens of millions are lining up, voluntarily, asking to get “educated”, and eventually to get one of those official Imperial degrees. They want to be accepted, certified and praised by the rulers.  (more...)

This piece, wrtten from the perspective of the left, sounds very much like the right-wing narrative -- until you get to the "solution" offered by the writer. That's how the Marxist dialectic works: create thesis and anti-thesis; then set them against each other. What isn't said is that the ideologies of both sides were invented by Marxists.

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