Monday, August 17, 2015

Canadaland: Interview with Anonymous -- on John Baird

Jesse Brown: Ok so since you tweeted the Baird stuff, let me ask: what is the point of tweeting highly defamatory and serious allegations without providing anything that could reasonably be considered substantiation?

Anonymous: We explained this in some detail in our press release on Saturday. For many many hundreds of years, those in power could count on structures of power to allow them to get away with unspeakable crimes so long as they could never be proven to a level that is nearly impossible. We caveated what we said appropriately. We think what we've done is to encourage full and fair examination of a relevant public issue. Several hundred, maybe a few thousand who are keenly attuned to Twitter now know what dozens of Ottawa and Toronto journalists have whispered about for months, if not years. The article saying that we are threatening to release these texts, for instance, wound up on relatives of ours Facebook pages without our prompting. The texts themselves did not. One more thing on that.

JB: ok...

A: The ongoing CSA inquiries in the UK show that the very highest reaches of power, with the tacit consent or pariticpation of the highest levels of media and law enforcement can be involved in the worst kind of abuse of children for a very long time while it is hushed up. We will have no part in such secrecy. Get the truth out either way. If Baird is innocent of those claims, let's clear his name and hear the real reason he quit in a hurry.

JB: You called on the public to send any info they have on this to the Globe and Mail. I took from that that you don't have proof yourself, beyond what you've released. Correct?

A: Our very first tweet on this could, understandably, be read to mean that we have decrypted video. We do not. And we attempted to clear that up as best we could with the press release on Saturday. We are now aware of many more parts of the story but cannot put them out there as of yet. We do not have "smoking gun" proof or we would get it out immediately.

JB: Sometimes I know something is true but I can't prove it. I realize I'm talking to a nameless, amorphous digital entity, but what the heck, let me ask anyhow: do you know if the allegations are true?

A: As we said in our press release, at this point we would be shocked if the most serious allegations against Baird at this point are not true. There comes a tipping point when you hear and see enough of these kind of stories. There was with Cosby. There was with Ghomeshi. There was, in a different domain, with certain atheletes like Lance Armstrong or Barry Bonds.  (more...)


  1. Very interesting. as to our "election", one wonders for how much longer deluded Catholics and Christians will continue to vote for the "Con"servatvies, thereby continuing the stranglehold on Canada by the forces of evil (let there be no mistake to the "Harperites" visiting - Mr. Harper is guilty of evil. He is a long-time supporter of abortion, he ensured that ":same-sex marriage" got a free ride, he is actively guilty of voting against Roxanne's Law, he is guilty of deathly silence on the upcoming horror of euthanasia; he is guilty of colluding in the homosexualism ("Fabulous Blue Tent" - as is Catholic (?) Jason Kenny), and the promotion of homosexual ideological neo-colonialism...

    1. The problem with Baird was exposed by REAL Women of Canada's Gwen Landolt here:
      Harper should be held to account for this.