Sunday, August 30, 2015

Forget the facts, just keep the transgender "happy"

Human Rights Foundation: When "equality" is not equal for all
Political correctness marches on. We must keep the transgender "happy" and never let the facts get in the way. Resources put out in a campaign by the American Human Rights Foundation are doing just that. The Foundation is said to have some 700,000 members and is one of the largest groups promoting the LGTB issues in the United States. The push is get rid of stereotypes by no longer using words like "boy" and "girl" in schools. This is suggested in order to avoid division among students. All language in the classrooms should be "gender inclusive." Schools must make sure that nobody, in particular transgender students, will be singled out. It's all done in the name of creating Welcoming Schools and to meet America's Common Core State Standards.  In Ontario, the government passed legislation, Bill 13, and called it the Accepting Schools Act to achieve similar ends and create "safe and accepting schools."

The whole idea is to move away from identifying students as one of two sexes, male or female, boy or girl. Instead, the politically correct way to do it, according to this group, is to just to drop the words boys and girls and use in their place "friends," "scholars" and "students." The misguided thinking is based on the idea that in changing the words we use to refer to students will change the facts and the reality they stand for.  (more...)

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