Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Canadian federal election: the hypocricy of political correctness

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Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper for not attending the gay pride parade in Montreal. The cheerleading media by and large agree with the opposition parties. It's a great way to try and score political points. During any election, politics can get pretty dirty. The prime minister is made to look like he's doing something wrong when in fact he's not, unless we no longer believe in a democracy, party representation and real freedom of choice. Let's take a closer look at what the party leaders said about Stephen Harper's absence.

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair finds it a shame that Harper stays away from the pride parades across Canada. Participation at these parades, according to Mulcair, is a way of respecting rights and combating bullying. But in order to fight discrimination and respect rights in Canada we should respect everyone and not protect one individual or group at the expense of others. Or is the talk of inclusion, diversity and respect only reserved for some and not others?

Green Party leader Elizabeth May stated that it's disappointing to see Harper distancing himself from the LGTB rights. She unlike the prime minister has attended all the main pride parades held in the country. But why has participating at the gay parades now become the benchmark for being a good politician, a respectable political party and prime minister in Canada?

Justin Trudeau said that by not attending the pride parades Harper is choosing not to be the prime minister for all Canadians. However, he can dictate to Liberal candidates that they have no choice but to back abortion and all the LGTB issues. How does this biased view represent all Canadians? It doesn't. The politics of correctness interpreted this way is neither logical nor just. It has nothing to do with rights. It's dictatorial.  (more...)

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