Thursday, August 27, 2015

Harvey Proctor's accuser dismisses ex-MP's 'over-the-top theatrical performance'

Harvey Proctor
The Westminster abuse victim who accused Harvey Proctor of raping and murdering two children and helping kill a third has been left 'distressed' by the ex-MP's 'over-the-top' denial.

The child abuse survivor named only as 'Nick' is Scotland Yard's number one witness in its investigation into the alleged VIP paedophile gang of politicians, civil servants and diplomats.

In a press conference yesterday Harvey Proctor said Nick, who is a 'respectable businessman' now in his forties, has 'wrecked his life' and the reputation of eight others by naming them as members.

Critics have questioned why Operation Midland detectives probing abuse at Dolphin Square and the Elm Guest House appear to have hung their VIP child abuse investigation on Nick's testimony.

In an extraordinary press conference yesterday former MP Harvey Proctor branded the allegations against him 'ludicrous'.  (more...)

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