Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dr. Miriam Grossman says science backs parents opposed to Ontario's sex "education"

Dr. Miriam Grossman spoke in Mississauga, on August 18
Two nights ago, Dr. Miriam Grossman spoke about the dangers of the new sex "education" curriculum to be implemented in Ontario schools this fall to a packed hall at the Red Rose Convention Centre in Mississauga. The event was organized by a number of parental groups that have been protesting against the radical sex curriculum: HOWAcrp, Canadian Families Alliance, Campaign Life Coalition, Coalition of Concerned Parents, Parents Alliance of Ontario, PAFE, PEACE Ontario and Thorncliffe Parents Association. The Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne has so far refused to listen or truly address any disagreement regarding the curriculum.

Dr. Grossman is a practising physician, writer and speaker. She's known all over the world for having the courage to speak out against the current push by many governments, including Ontario's Liberal government, for comprehensive sex education in schools.  (more...)


  1. That Grossman supports abortion is lamentable, possibly understandable as she does not possess the Faith. What is not so understandable is those who claim to be of the Faith who have no problem listening to this woman and promoting her. The enemy of my enemy is my friend does not ring out over time.

    1. Taking that thought a little further, you could say that coalitions and "ecumenism of the trenches" result in the colonization of the Faith by ignorance, confusion, and mediocrity -- hence neo-catholics like Michael Coren. Time to get lean and regroup the "Smaller Church" that our Pope Emeritus spoke of. We might begin to win some battles rather than just raising the smoke and noise that typify the last few decades.