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The Fascist International coup and terror network


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On the first of May 1945 the last official Nazi uniform was discarded by its last wearer, whoever he might have been, as Adolf Hitler's organization of terror and mass murder was finally annihilated by the victorious Allied arms. As of that date, tens of thousands of the international mass murderers and torturers who had opened the gates of Hell for 12 years discreetly vanished into scores of well-protected sanctuaries around the world. Their lines of communication, their finances, and the controlling mother organization remained intact. The fascist international with its various disguises and names such as Die Spinne, Odessa (Organization der Ehemalige SS Angehorige), Perm index, and MaimCi International, continued to be a well-preserved asset of its owners. It is now surfacing once again, summoned by the same owners, attempting to reopen the gates of Hell. Its pawprints were picked up by our investigators looking into the attempted destabilization of the Italian republic around the present Sicilian disturbances sponsored hy the Sicilian separatist movement.

The reputed controller of that movement is one Carmelo Zuccarello, a member of both the Italian fascist MSI and the Spanish Fuerza Nueva, a man who likes to describe himself as the "most powerful man in Sicily." Above him stands Licio Gelli, the head of the Propaganda-2 Freemasonic lodge who, having once been a member of Mussolini's OVRA secret police, later escaped to South America, engineered Juan Perlln's return to power, coached and promoted to power the Libyan madman Qaddafi, and helped coordinate and finance "left" and "right" terror organizations in hoth Europe and Latin America, from the Red Brigades to the dreaded "Death Squads." The Sicilian separatist movement is part of a broader European-wide capability which includes the Corsican separatists, the Basque movement, the Turkish Grey Wolves, and a number of other regionalist violence-oriented groups whose assigned role is to be the battering rams against the existing national states of Europe. They are all controlled and deployed by the same financial and strategic interests which once launched both the Mussolini and Hitler movements. Swiss banking families are the historical and intellectual "mother" of these fascist dregs; by association with such Swiss financial interests, the controlling apparatus presiding over this fascist network have also heen certain financial fortunes of the Anglo-American world.  (more...)

The Fascist International coup and terror network

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Who inherited the Fascist International's coup and terror network?

fascist international Nazi coups terrorism assassinations Switzerland bankers finance oligarchy geopolitics destabilization

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