Monday, July 18, 2022

Peace-minded Canadians deserve a voice in Parliament


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NDP foreign affairs critic Heather McPherson’s promotion of NATO and opposition to diplomacy is prolonging the horrors in Ukraine.

On Monday McPherson attacked the Liberals for acceding to Germany’s request to allow Siemens’ to return turbines that were repaired at its facilities in Montréal. “It is shocking and disappointing that the Liberal government has decided to allow the Nord Stream 1 turbines to be sent to Germany and returned to Russia,” declared McPherson. “This decision goes against the sanctions Canada imposed on Russia in response to the illegal invasion and genocide in Ukraine.”


McPherson’s position is more belligerent than Washington’s. The US State Department released a statement supporting Canada’s decision to return the turbines to Germany.

At the start of last month McPherson supported expanding the nuclear-armed NATO alliance. During a parliamentary debate McPherson stated, “I want to begin my remarks tonight by stating unequivocally that the New Democratic Party supports Sweden and Finland in their bid for membership in NATO, and that New Democrats call on all NATO members to approve the application as quickly as possible to address the urgent situation that is facing both countries, including the very real threats made against both Sweden and Finland by the Russian Federation.”

McPherson supports enlarging NATO in response to a war partly caused by the alliance’s expansion.  (more...)

Peace-minded Canadians deserve a voice in Parliament

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