Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Majority of Germans no longer support government’s course on Ukraine


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That was to be expected: support for the German government's Ukraine and sanctions policy is dwindling rapidly among the German population – even though Russia has not yet taken any active countermeasures and most of the consequences of the sanctions are still hypothetical.

Nevertheless, more than half of Germans now have doubts about the policies of the federal government. This was reported by German daily Welt with reference to a survey by the opinion research institute Infratest dimap.

Accordingly, only 39 percent of Germans currently support the course of the coalition in the Ukraine war. In contrast, an impressive 56 percent of Germans have concerns.

At the same time, more and more Germans are worried about the consequences of supporting Ukraine. Although seven out of ten respondents describe their own economic situation as “good” or “very good”, almost half of those surveyed view their future prospects “with skepticism and concern”. Above all, they fear energy bottlenecks and a loss of purchasing power. The mood is clear: almost half of those questioned (48 percent) fear that their personal economic situation will be worse in a year’s time than it is today.  (more...)

Majority of Germans no longer support government’s course on Ukraine

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