Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Malmo network of right-wing fascists and the strange case of François Genoud


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The recent arrest in Paris of Swiss left-wing terrorist Bruno Breguet and his accomplice Magdelena Knopp, members of the West German terrorist Baader Meinhof gang, brought to light once again the interface between left- and right-wing terrorism, specifically the way leftwing terrorism has been financed, organized, and manipulated by the old Nazi International which has been called the Malmo International since its second congress in Malmo, Sweden in 1951.

Investigations have revealed that this is the very same network that has been used for decades as an international assassination bureau, which under the name Permindex, was responsible for over 30 assassination attempts against former French President Charles de Gaulle, as well as the murder of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Investigations also reveal close links to Italy's Propaganda-2 (P-2) Freemasonic lodge, exposed last year for its role in financing and organizing both left- and rightwing terrorism over the past several years.

Not by coincidence, perhaps, this is the very same network which is now being activated in an attempt to organize an upsurge of the Sicilian independence movement. Bruno Breguet himself, most likely arrested in error because he panicked in front of a policeman, was to be a key pawn in this Sicilian independence game. As the recently publicized letter of the international terrorist "Carlos" to French Interior Minister Gaston Deferre after Breguet's arrest pointed out, Breguet has "received no orders for any operations in France." Indeed, when Breguet was arrested there was evidence that he was on his way to Sicily: Found in his pocket was a piece of paper with the precise address of a top-secret NATO planning center in Sicily, which has become a target of demonstrations by the so-called peace movement and, the Sicilian separatists. As police investigators revealed, most of Breguet's collaborators in France belong to the hardcore right-wing separatist faction of the Corsican FNLC (National Front for the Liberation of Corsica), which has announced that it intends to use separatist-fomented events "in Sicily as a catalyst for Corsican independence. "

Claimed by Carlos as one of his top aides, Breguet is a renowned international terrorist. Arrested in Israel in 1970 as he was about to blow up the largest Tel Aviv hotel as part of an operation sponsored by the terrorist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFL P), Breguet's career would have ended there with his lengthy jail sentence had it not been for the good offices of one François Genoud. Seven years after Breguet's arrest, Genoud succeeded in freeing him from prison, going so far as to mobilize the Swiss ambassador to Tel Aviv and a score of international lawyers to accomplish this objective. Upon his return to Europe, Breguet was taken under Genoud's protection. Only several months ago, Genoud bragged to an Italian journalist that Breguet is still very active in the Palestinian cause.

We shall see that Genoud, a longtime "friend of the Arabs," and a Lausanne, Switzerland-based banker, was the real brains behind the reorganization of the international Nazi apparatus following World War II.  (more...)

The Malmo network of right-wing fascists and the strange case of François Genoud

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