Friday, January 14, 2022

Woos reflects on Colonial violence


RCMP violence colonialism imperialism ancestral lands corruption Canada aboriginal Coastal GasLink resource extraction lawlessness unaccountability

In the words of Hereditary Chief Woos', "What is violence? A loaded gun pointed at your head." 

The RCMP were created to suppress and control Indigenous people. They are still being used for this purpose. They came into our villages, burning and pillaging, a century ago and they  do the same now. 

The colonial state laws are designed to work for the RCMP and those in power, and to keep the majority pacified and the oppressed silent and afraid. 

But we are not afraid. We are not alone.

We know the world is watching and that they see the investors and the state behind this violence and corruption, we know the world sees this as it is - an extension of the residential school and Indian Act system, forcing their version of consultation with bulldozers and armies of mercenaries. 

This is Canada's legacy. Reconciliation at gunpoint. 

Our legacy will be standing proud on our Yintah, with the clean water of the Wedzin Kwa behind us. 

Stand with us. 

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