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The Royal Family and the Freemasons


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On June 18, 1982, Roberto Calvi, head of the Banco Ambrosiano, was found hung from the Blackfriars Bridge in the City of London, only a few days after his secretary defenestrated herself. Calvi was a casualty of the war within Europe's Freemasonic order; it seems that his bank had penetrated Italy's Propaganda Two Lodge on behalf of the Vatican. As EIR was the first to document, the ritualistic murder of Calvi was carried out by the Black Friars Masonic Lodge of Edinburgh, Scotland, working in collaboration with P-2 Lodge members and other British Masonic networks, traditionally run by the Royal Family. Calvi's murder should thus be laid at the doorstep of the Queen and her cousin, the Duke of Kent, who is Grand Master of "The Mother Grand Lodge" of Freemasonry .

The ritualistic murder of Calvi, which has recently been affirmed by an Italian court, is not the first murder scandal implicating the British Royal Family because of their obscene patronage of Freemasonry. British author Stephen Knight, in his book Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution, demonstrated that the murders of five prostitutes in the East End of London in the late summer and autumn of 1888 were perpetrated by a Masonic cabal to protect the Royal Family. Specifically, it appears that the prostitutes were witnesses to the fact that Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, grandson of Queen Victoria and Heir Presumptive to the throne, had illegally married and fathered a child by a Roman Catholic commoner.

The Masonic operation to remove the witnesses to this marriage, where the wife of the prince had already been bundled off to a lunatic asylum, was ordered by Prime Minister Lord Salisbury (Cecil family), through the Physician in Ordinary to the Queen, the unstable Sir William Gull, who had been the instrument earlier for hiding the prince's wife. Secret Home Office files reveal that the subsequent murder of the five prostitutes compares with Masonic ritual murders.

The man responsible for concealing the truth behind the Ripper murders was Sir Charles Warren, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and one of Britain's most eminent Freemasons. Among the evidence found in secret files was the fact that the Ripper murderer had scrawled in chalk upon the wall near one victim, the phrase: "The Juwes are The Men That will not be blamed for nothing." Warren washed this phrase off before it could be photographed. But the reference to the "Juwes" is the name of three Apprenctice Masons - Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum - who killed Hiram Abiff, mythical architect of Solomon's Temple. The "Juwes" were tracked down, then executed "by the breast being torn open and the heart and vitals taken out and thrown over the left shoulder," a procedure that parallels Jack the Ripper's modus operandi.

The murder of Roberto Calvi follows this tradition.  (more...)

The Royal Family and the Freemasons

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