Monday, January 10, 2022

50 Shades of Orange: Orange Order – RCMP – to Be Dismantled


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THE ORANGE ORDER is a Terrorist Organization and the second I become the next Prime Minister of Canada then I will totally SHUT DOWN the ORANGE ORDER and arrest every single person that is attached to the Orange Order or any Person that illegally worked for the ORANGE ORDER or any person who did any illegal activities on orders of the ORANGE ORDER.

Who is the ORANGE ORDER?

The ORANGE ORDER is a Secret Society, a Terrorist Organization. The ORANGE ORDER is the R.C.M.P. – Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Canada, or the Queens Militia. However, I refer to them as a Terrorist Organization.

Every RCMP Officer is in the ORANGE ORDER and every RCMP Officer is sworn to secrecy that they will not reveal any activities of the ORANGE ORDER. Any member of the RCMP that talks about the ORANGE ORDER will be murdered and so will their Families.

Let’s start on how I was targeted by the Secret Societies and the Orange Order and how I discovered the Orange Order.

It all began when I was ONLY 15 years Old. At 15 Years Old I should have had a normal life but actually my life ended at 15 years Old. There was NO happy Days for me. There was no Normal Life for me.

Here is how it began and here is how I ended up in the Dark World being persecuted by the Orange Order.  (more...)

Orange Order – RCMP – to Be Dismantled

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