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Cultism's Roots In MK-Ultra


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The immediate source for the Port Kaituma mass murder-suicide can be partially traced to a recent closed-door meeting of the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies in West Berlin, at which Rand Corporation terrorist controller Brian Jenkins gave a five-hour presentation on coming terrorist scenarios. The Jenkins scenario, which emphasized the time-bomb quality of cults as sources of terrorism, was given just prior to the bloodbath carried out by Rev. Jimmy Jones's Peoples Temple in Guyana.

The Rand connection, along with the appearance of Dr. Joel Fort, lawyer Mark Lane, and the Glide Memorial Church of Berkeley, California in the dossier on Rev. Jimmy Jones confirms, in shorthand, that Jones's death cult is the offspring of British intelligence's 50-year campaign in the United States to create cult formations among the general population through the use of drugs and Dionysian rituals.

In official channels, the British Secret Intelligence Services' experiment was run under former CIA Director Allen Dulles, and conduited through the Central Intelligence Agency, under the codename MK-Ultra. The project, first named Operation Bluebird in 1949, then Operation Artichoke, and renamed MK-Ultra in 1953 under direct orders from Dulles, studied the application of LSD, psylocibin (hallucinogenic mushrooms), peyote, and other hallucinogens in mind-control and brainwashing techniques. The early phases involved the administration of hallucinogens to volunteers in university, hospital, and mental institution settings. By 1963, it was openly stated in a CIA document that "the final phase of testing MK-Ultra materials involves their application to unwitting subjects in normal life settings," a phase which began on the U.S. West Coast in 1955, and which by the late 1960s had created thousands of counterculture followers of the cult of LSD and other hallucinogens, aided by the importation and mass marketing of British ritualistic rock music.

Although MK-Ultra was a CIA black operation nominally under the control of Dulles, it was in reality a British intelligence operation run into the United States under the cover of the CIA and the Rand Corporation. Furthermore. the presence of the Office of Naval Intelligence and Air Force Intelligence in the original -Operation Artichoke and MK-Ultra task force. and the subsequent importance of trained operatives of ONI and Air Force Intelligence in the creation of U.S.-based terrorist cults, points to heavy contamination of these agencies in particular by British SIS.  (more...)

Cultism's Roots In MK-Ultra

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