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The Tavistock roots of the 'Aquarian Conspiracy': Coming to take you away


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In June 1980, the Democratic Presidential campaign of Lyndon LaRouche issued a 64-page manual intended to inoculate the American population against the psychological warfare operations of a far-reaching conspiracy directed at the behest of the British Crown. The pamphlet described the origins of the so-called Aquarian Conspiracy which, in creating a New Age paradigm of post-industrial Malthusianism with a rockdrug-sex culture, threatened the very existence of the nation and western Judeo-Christian civilization. "The problem goes deeper than simply changing policies," LaRouche wrote in the introduction to the report. "Powerful forces are deeply committed to the neo-Malthusian policies, and these policies have become so deeply embedded in our nation's life that a change in policy requires a massive upheaval in our political parties leadership merely to get back to the policy outlook of the mid-1960s."

The report identified the Carter administration as an organizing center for Tavistock's New Age, which itself was the test-tube creation of networks associated with the Crown's psychological warfare capability centered in London's Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. But despite the crushing election defeat of Carter by voters in 1980, the Aquarian Conspiracy, as LaRouche had warned, was not defeated. It continued to operate within the Democratic Party, and, in the Reagan-Bush era, New Age Republicans rose to prominence. Newt Gingrich is one of these GOP Aquarians, spouting the same "futurist" babble and with the same policies aimed at destroying the United States, as the New Agers on the other side of the political spectrum.

EIR researches have traced the approximate point at which the Aquarian Conspiracy and its New Age paradigm was launched, to the November 1963 assassination of President John Kennedy.

Roughly coincidental with Kennedy's assassination, a key operative of the Tavistock Institute was given a government grant to study the effects of the space program on the American population. Only a portion of that study, which was conducted during 1964-66, was published, in Tavistock's journal Human Relations. Under the direction of Ronald Rapoport, who, along with his wife, was directly affiliated with the Institute, the report found that the space program was not only creating a proliferation of engineers and scientists, but that this was the result of a perceived value shift in the population that strengthened its belief in the ability of science and industry to solve man's problems.

The full report, which was supposed to be published as one of a series of books published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the American Academy of Arts and Science, was never published, but its findings were circulated within Tavistock's wide-ranging networks internationally. While the so-called Rapoport Report, a portion of which was published under the title Social Change: Space Impact on Communities and Social Groups, made no specific recommendations, the networks associated with Tavistock moved to both shut down the space program and launch the Aquarian Conspiracy, a massive long-term brainwashing campaign to shift the underlying values and moral outlook of the American people. To accomplish this, an assault was launched on that quality which defines man in the image of the Creator and distinguishes him from the beast-his capacity for creative reason.  (more...)

The Tavistock roots of the 'Aquarian Conspiracy'

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