Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Quebec Shutdown: The True Story Behind the October Crisis of 1970 Must Be Told


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Against the background of the post-September 11 wave of `false flag` operations that have been conducted in order to advance ever more police state powers in preparation for dictatorships across the trans-Atlantic world, and especially in light of the recent October 22, 2014 Ottawa shooting which is being used by the current Harper administration to usher in new broad sweeping powers of CSIS while integrating Canada ever more fully into the Five Eyes global security apparatus, a brief review of the true events surrounding the infamous “October Crisis” of 1970 are in order. This investigation is necessary in order for:

  1. An informed Canadian audience to recognize the historical dynamics which brought CSIS into being in 1984, and
  2. To better understand the type of role which Canada, and some of its most loved heroes have played as active agents in an imperial strategy of global depopulation.

It is the intention of the authors that this report be read under the backdrop of EIR’s recent investigations into the synarchy (See Appendix) and their dealings such as the « strategy of tension » between 1969 and 1980 in America, Italy and in Europe more generally.  (more...)

The True Story Behind the October Crisis of 1970 Must Be Told


The Ideo1ogy Of The Parti Quebecois: The Heritage Of Abbe Groulx

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