Thursday, January 13, 2022

Qortal: The Future of Blockchain Platforms


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Qortal (QORT) is infrastructure for a censorship-free Internet, alternative ISP, suite of P2P solutions, and alternative to Ethereum. It is a self-empowering operating system that is free of any regulation other than the 100% open source codebase itself. This is only possible with true decentralization and that is exactly what Qortal can accomplish. Literally no man has the power to censor or sanction others within Qortal’s infrastructure, other than group admins of their subcommunities. Individuals are in complete control over their accounts, wallets, trades, and messaging with no middle man.

Qortal launched on June 29th 2020 in the most ethical fashion with no pre-mine, no ICO/IEO, and no airdrop. Realizing the unfairness with existing PoW and PoS systems, and with a desire to create an egalitarian system for all, Qortal implemented ‘minting’ where every minting account that participates in processing blocks earns a portion of the block reward. In other words, there is no competition to sign blocks and there is no way to buy power over the network as seen with PoW and PoS systems. QORT coin is more than another cryptocurrency to mine as it powers on-chain functionality with transactions and is the base pair for trading within Qortal’s true peer-to-peer Trade Portal. QORT can also be a form of digital payment within the Qortal Network where free web hosting allows e-commerce and job markets to thrive!       

As you can see, there is a lot to Qortal. Below are key highlights:

● Stand-alone infrastructure with a focus on individual sovereignty

● 100% open source codebase that is built from scratch (no clones)

● Egalitarian minting where everyone earns QORT for supporting the network

● Local wallets that the individual has complete and sole control over

● True peer-to-peer (P2P) cross-chain trading

● Free web hosting and public data storage where freedom speech and trade of information can thrive unhindered

● Social media safe haven where only admins of their self-created groups can censor and

have control over

● Encrypted peer-to-peer text, voice, and video communications

● Infrastructure for ethical third-party projects to build securely

● Auto-updates that require 60% approval by DevTeam (decentralized solution)

What Qortal has now:

● Network stability with over 3,000 nodes

● Secure accounts and local wallets for QORT, BTC, LTC, and DOGE

● Sponsorship and minting system where anyone can join to help support the network

● Working P2P Trade Portal with QORT, LTC, and DOGE (BTC is not live now)

● ‘Sleeping’ trade ATs to improve Trade Portal performance and scalability

● Database trimming to prevent chain bloating and improve scalability

● Auto-bootstrapping to sync nodes faster (Top-Only nodes are also an option now)

● Encrypted P2P messaging on Q-Chat

● Q-Chat Groups (public and private)

● Name Registration (can be used instead of address; can also be used as a domain)

● 100% open source custom kernels for Raspberry Pi boards built specifically for Qortal

What to expect next:

● Core version 3.0 to go live later this month with web hosting and public data storage

● App Store for add-on applications (everyone can create applications for users to opt into)

● Voting system so we all can help influence the project’s direction

● More coins added to the Trade Portal and wallets (BTC, ARRR, etc.)

● Sponsorship and minting system modification to improve integrity

● Encrypted private group messaging

● Mesh networking when the node base is large enough (end of year 2022 possibly)

Qortal is also being built to provide ethical projects with a viable alternative to platforms like Ethereum. So many projects claim to be decentralized and are not. They often fall short of ethical standards or are outright scams. Qortal will not be a place for such things.

With the launch of version 3.0, Qortal will begin to rebuild the Internet as well as blockchain space in an unhackable and ethical fashion. It’s time for change without hindrance! This is a moment a lot of Qortians have been waiting for in the virtual land of Qortia! With this emerging technology, mankind can unify, educate, and grow together while regaining control over our digital lives. Qortal’s community believes in restoring balance to the people of the world. This is not about anarchy per se, but are certainly building an anarchistic platform free from any regulation. Qortians are building infrastructure for a new system. One that cannot be hacked or compromised, as it is truly decentralized and self-empowering! Join Qortal in this revolutionary venture! You can find all of the official links and more information about the Qortal Project at!

Source: Qortal: The Future of Blockchain Platforms

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