Friday, January 28, 2022

The Shocking Truth About the 1938 Munich Agreement


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What were the real objectives behind Britain's 'secret diplomacy' with Hitler's Germany from 1932 to Hitler's 1939 invasion of Poland? In this Canadian Patriot Review Podcast, Matt talks with Alex Krainer about his research and three part series on the Anglo American plan for a 'Three Block World Agenda'.

As Alex describes this aborted agenda envisioned a world of Anglo-American controls of the Americas and much of Europe, India and Africa, a German control of the Eurasian Heartland, and Japanese fascist control of much of the Asia Pacific. How this was advanced by London's controls over nerve centers of finance, intelligence and various international fifth columns from Hitler's annexation of Austria, to the carving up of Czechoslovakia to the invasion of Poland is unpacked in great detail.

The important thing to hold in mind while listening to Alex's remarks, is that this is not a story of the past, but rather a story of the present with extreme importance for the future of civilization, since the exact same formula for a fascist world order and world war are being replicated as we speak. And just like in 1938, Russia is still a primary target.

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