Monday, January 10, 2022

Are Unvaccinated Lives Unworthy of Life? We Are Slipping into the Space Addressed at Nuremberg


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It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when it started, but we are now at a point where the threat posed is undeniable to any rational person: those treating COVID-19 as an unending apocalypse, worthy of stripping away all personal freedoms in the name of security and safety by emergency decree, have embraced the same subtle shift in thinking that Dr. Leo Alexander warned about in his 1946 article, Medical Science Under Dictatorship, written following the Nuremberg Trial of the Nazi medical doctors. This move to totalitarianism also draws upon the playbook Lord Bertrand Russell described in his 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society. Russell proposed the use of mass psychology to institute a “scientific dictatorship” that places the state between children and their families, first exemplified in the imposition of gender and race ideologies in the schools, and now, in implementing child vaccine mandates.

In this engineered fascist propaganda shock front regarding public health, science, critical thinking, and the Hippocratic Oath are being abandoned in favor of politically punishing the unvaccinated by denying them necessary medical treatment—while deliberately sabotaging viable treatments for COVID other than vaccines. In previous iterations of American science, treatments would have been found by now for those objecting to vaccinations—life-saving treatments for COVID. Elective surgeries and preventive care and screenings, now creating a healthcare crisis of their own as needlessly endangered patients swarm emergency rooms, would have continued. 

The fully complicit mainstream media attempts to justify what can only be called a “soft program” for actually killing people, by claiming that those who are unvaccinated, not wearing masks, or otherwise resisting, are uniformly Trump supporters, and therefore unworthy of medical treatment or scientific consideration. According to their brutal narrative, these citizens represent a “threat” to the compliant and vaccinated. In reality, large swaths of the working poor and poor are unvaccinated across all races and ethnicities. Many first responders, nurses, firemen, and police are unvaccinated. The Biden Administration is now engineering a remake of the American military, using vaccination status and adherence to Critical Race Theory (CRT) and gender fluidity as criteria for employment.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Alexander characterized the Nazi doctors as “on the whole meek and over-polite fellows who committed inhuman crimes because they found themselves suspect by their superiors.” Cancel culture has simply dispensed with the jackboots.  (more...)

Are Unvaccinated Lives Unworthy of Life? We Are Slipping into the Space Addressed at Nuremberg

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