Monday, January 3, 2022

Intentional, premeditated killing in COVID vaccine trials


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The smoking gun

Do Pfizer Batch Codes Code for Toxicity ?

Each range of toxicity (indexed by levels of adverse reactions) has a distinct alpha numeric batch code. As the alphabet ascends, the toxicity appears to decrease in a linear step-wise fashion.

Was Pfizer testing out different concentrations of vaccine - and labelling each dosage level with a particular code? Scientists normally label each experimental condition carefully, so they can record and monitor the effects of that condition. Is that what is happening here?

Certainly, the batch codes within a particular toxicity range are not random between one range and another, but seem to ascend alphabetically as the toxicity falls.

And within each range, all the batch codes form a sequential mathematical series !

It appears that the adverse reactions may not be so much the product of the ill health of the vaccine recipients, but rather may simply be dependent upon the particular batch code series administered.

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