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Die Spinne: How Rockefeller Kept the Third Reich Alive


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In the early summer, a TWA jet is hijacked by Croatian Ustashi. In Argentina. there is a sudden and nightmarish revival of Nazism. In Washington, D.C. a former Chilean government official is assassinated. In the Caribbean a wave of terrorism by the CIA's Cuban "Gusanos" culminates in the brutal bombing-murder of 73 persons aboard a jet off Barbados. These events shocked the world into awareness that "Die Spinne," the fascist network of international terrorists run by the Rockefeller brothers since World War II, not only continues to exist, but now plays a pre-eminent role in the Rockefeller-Kissinger - and Carter - foreign policy. With a policy now exclusively directed to subjugation and genocide against developing sector nations and the earliest possible nuclear collision with the Soviet Union, the Rockefeller-dominated Atlanticists have pulled "Die Spinne" out of its decade-long "detente" period of inactivity during which they unsuccessfully tried to impose "Fascism With a Human Face." Fascism will now display its own face.

"Die Spinne" ("The Spider") was a loose designation for the post-war remnants of the secret police and covert intelligence apparatus of the defeated Axis Powers, especially the Nazis who were protected and re-organized by Standard Oil's Allen Dulles from his OSS station in Switzerland, Nelson Rockefeller as Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs in Argentina, German Occupation Commissioner John J. McCloy, Sr., and others, using such notable war-criminals as Abwehr Eastern Front intelligence chief Reinhard Gehlen and SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny. Skorzeny's son-in-law relationship to Hitler's 1933-37 Finance Minister, Anglo-American puppet Hjalmar Schacht, attests to "Die Spinne's" roots in the secret alliance between Anglo-American financiers and their German counterparts, notably the secret cartel arragnements between Standard Oil and I.G. Farben. The Rockefeller group's Dulles brothers intervened in the closing months otthe war-to wholly co-opt the nest of originally British agents in the Abwehr, Bundeswehr, SS and Eastern European fascist app,arats to form the core of "Die Spinne."

Throughout the period of the COld War, the "Die Spinne" network was employed in covert corporate and CIA-intelligence projects, especially paramilitary operations like the Hungarian Uprising of 1956. Die Spinne's original constituents, which included the Lebanese Falange out of the Nazis' "Brandenburg Division," were significantly replenished by the addition of veterans of such CIA Cold War operations as the 1950s "spiritual crusade to roll-back the Iron Curtain," the French "black-feet" of the Algerian "Secret Army Organization," the CIA's Taiwan and South Korean dictatorships (Rev. Moon), and large numbers of anti-Castro Cuban exiles :after the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion. After 1963 and the Rockefeller group's putsch-assassination of President John F. Kennedy in which principally "Gusanos" were used, the Rockefeller group de-activated "Die Spinne" in favor of the "Fascism With a Human Face" policy, championed by such left-fascist elements as the Institute for Policy Studies, created in that year.  (more...)

Die Spinne: How Rockefeller Kept the Third Reich Alive

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