Monday, January 17, 2022

Qortal Interview w/ Co-Founder: Jason Crowetic


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Had enough of censorship?

Interviewed on 1/14/22: Launch date of the historic Qortal Data Network "QDN", which allows decentralized hosting of websites on their blockchain network.

Qortal is one of a handful of unique blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, that are not copies of another chain, which is often referred to as a fork. Most other blockchains are forks of either Bitcoin or Ethereum and are second layer technologies.

Qortal has an extremely low-barrier to entry to begin minting QORT, the native coin of their blockchain. Any device can become a full node and start earning QORT, eliminating the need for expensive mining rigs and EVERY minter online gets a share of the block reward.

They have a fully functional encrypted chat through their UI (user interface), and a peer-to-peer atomic swap of coins bypassing any middleman exchanges creating a more frictionless trading portal without high exchange fees.

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