Sunday, January 23, 2022

CIA trains Ukrainian Nazis how ‘to kill Russians’


Ukraine CIA Nazi Bandera military training cold war hate

On January 13th, Zach Dorfman of Yahoo News headlined “CIA-trained Ukrainian paramilitaries may take central role if Russia invades”, but failed to note that the phrase “Ukrainian paramilitaries” traditionally refers not to regular Ukrainian Government conscripted soldiers (nor to any elite group of those, such as some people might otherwise assume), but instead it refers to intensely racist armed anti-Russian fanatics and mercenaries, especially highly motivated Nazis (racist-fascists), who have been selected, organized, and personally armed and led, by Dmitriy Yarosh (the leader of one of Ukraine’s two Nazi parties, “Right Sector”), and by Andrei Biletsky, the founder of the Ukrainian-oligarch-subsidized Azov Battalion, which is Ukraine’s other  main “paramilitary” organization, and which organization is just as Nazi in its ideology as the Right Sector party is.

Biletsky and Yarosh personally share the same nazi ideology, which (as Hitler’s did) hates both Jews and Russians; but, whereas Hitler’s Nazis hated and wanted to kill mainly Jews, Ukraine’s Nazis hate and want to kill mainly Russians. So, these “paramilitaries” are the people (“Ukrainian paramilitaries”) whom the CIA has, according to Dorfman’s Yahoo article, been training ever since 2014 — training, as Dorfman himself puts it, “to kill Russians”, which is the only clue he provided to the extremist right-wing ideology these individuals represent. Dorfman (Yahoo) presented the CIA’s motivation as being simply to increase Ukraine’s “ability to push back against the Russians” — purely defensive, nothing aggressive.

As is usual for American ‘news’ (propaganda) media, ONLY U.S.-and-allied Governments and their officials and academics were interviewed in that Yahoo article, much the same as had happened regarding U.S. mainstream ‘news’-reporting in 2002 about “Saddam’s WMD,” which didn’t actually exist, but which were the U.S.-and-allied excuse to invade and destroy Iraq (so that U.S.-and-allied oil companies could extract its oil).  (more...)

CIA trains Ukrainian Nazis how ‘to kill Russians’


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