Friday, January 21, 2022

‘Berlin students demand menstrual products for all genders’


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BERLIN This has not been possible for thousands of millennia, but the Scholz administration is not afraid of setting a new milestone for mankind. And whoever thought that gender was determined by genes only and cannot be changed, may not believe the good news.

Sadly in Berlin, despite the liberating free choice of gender, discrimination is still rife. A headline in the Berliner Tagesspiegel, a newspaper that is completely dedicated to the fight against the ubiquitous Nazi, drew attention to this plight. The newspaper, which is also supported by taxpayers’ money, headlined the terrible inequality: “Berlin students demand menstrual products for all genders”.

The article, which is unfortunately only available behind a “binary” payment barrier, goes on to say: “The General Student Committee (AStA) of the Technical University of Berlin demands menstrual products in all toilets of the university, i.e. pads and tampons.”

The committee is also quoted as saying: “We explicitly demand that these are not only provided in women’s toilets, but in all toilets for all genders.”

The students “also place their proposal in a larger revolutionary context: ‘On the way to an equal and queer/feminist society in which capitalist, patriarchal, anti-women, trans, inter and queer exclusions are reduced, this is only a very small step’.”  (more...)

‘Berlin students demand menstrual products for all genders’

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