Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Who Commands Starship Canada? Royal Stuart Crime Clan

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The Stuart family is a very large royal criminal bloodline with current noble titles of peerage in Ireland, Scotland, Nova Scotia, and England. One Scottish family branch currently holds the title of Marquess of Bute and own a large palace called Mount Stuart House. They ruled as the monarchs of Scotland and England for a period of time and intermarried with the Bourbon, Hanover, and Wittlesbach royal families as well as the English royals. They are also married with the Goldsmith, Guggenheim, and Guinness banking families. The Stuart family branched off from the Bruce Clan of Scotland. Andrew Bruce 11th Earl of Elgin is the head of the House of Bruce and a former Grand Master Mason for Scotland. Andrew Bruce is really evil and is one of the highest level Freemason in Scotland. Many Scottish Peers are high level Freemasons and use their authority and command over the masonic brotherhood to create a defense for the House of Windsor and other high level royalty. Freemasons in the United States infiltrate government, politics, law, and business and serve the grand lodges of England, Scotland, and Ireland. The name Stewart derives from Steward which refers to deputy or second in command. They were originally deputies of the fraudulent House of Normandy and later became loyal to the House of Wittelsbach through Jacobitism while currently pretending to be loyal to the House of Windsor.  (more...)

Useful idiots, we Canucks:

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