Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Nazi threat still exists today

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Helmut Oberlander
It’s with mixed feelings that we read of the recent decision of the Federal Court of Appeal in the matter of Helmut Oberlander. In rejecting Oberlander’s appeal, the court appears to have removed any impediment to having this member of a Nazi mobile killing unit deported from Canada.

One the one hand, justice, even when long delayed, is welcome. But on the other hand, why did it take 25 years to bring this case to the verge of completion?

Canada’s history of dealing with war criminals and their enablers is shameful. Simply put, the murderers and their helpers were allowed to come to Canada and live out their lives in peace. When the outcry of Jewish advocacy organizations forced the government to act, the response was phlegmatic and, more often than not, these men died of old age in their beds, enjoying what they denied to their victims.

At least in this case, the government was not to blame. Both the current Liberal and previous Conservative governments of Canada made repeated attempts to remove Oberlander’s citizenship and his person from this country. In all cases they were stymied by the Federal Court. Appeals over two decades were accepted again and again, one ruling even offered arguments that Oberlander’s lawyers did not raise.  (more...)


Then, perhaps there are shadowy forces that operate behind the scenes to shape the way of the world.

How the Poles confounded the Nazis:

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