Friday, May 24, 2019

Covert Action Information Bulletin Special: Nazis, the Vatican, and CIA

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This issue of CAIB focuses on the fascist connection, in particular the U.S. role in helping hundreds, perhaps thousands, of prominent Nazis avoid retribution at the end of World War II. The CIA (originally the OSS) and the U.S. military, along with the Vatican, were instrumental in exfiltrating war criminals not just to Latin America, but to the United States as well.

As the Reagan administration attempts to rewrite history, it is worthwhile to examine carefully the wartime and postwar machinations of the extreme Right. The President goes to Bitburg claiming it is time to forgive and forget, when in reality he is merely cutting a crude political deal with the reactionary West German government for its approval of Star Wars by giving his absolution to the SS.

As we demonstrate in the pages of this issue, war criminals like Josef Mengele, Walter Rauff, and Klaus Barbie did not simply vanish at the end of the war or gracefully retire. Most of them spent several years in the direct employ of the U.S. intelligence agencies and, when necessary, were set up in business in Latin America or the U.S. The Kameradenwerk -- the Nazi old boy network -- remained active over the years, vigorous enough to have planned and carried out the 1980 coup in Bolivia, for example, and to have held high places in Pinochet's government in Chile. And they are major figures in the international arms and drug trades as well -- traffic which the U.S. tries to blame on the socialist countries.  (more...)

I can't begin to count the points of contact I have had with this Kameradenwerk and its generational echoes, from my education as a young engineering student and onward through my career. The damage done to our society by the CIA is incalculable and the term "Christian West" rendered a term of cynical derision. Today, we are shocked and awed by the degeneracy and depravity of our culture. We can thank the perpetrators exposed in this issue of CAIB for much corruption and filth that we now see in society.

The masonic tiling and pillars are most appropriate, if you understand the CIA and their fascist roots.

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