Monday, May 13, 2019

Does Veterans Affairs' video blooper signal something more seriously amiss in Canada?

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On Thursday 13,000 soldiers of what used to be known as the Red Army marched through the heart of Moscow to military bands playing "The Sacred War" as Russia marked the 74th anniversary of the surrender of Berlin and the end of the road for Hitler's "Thousand Year Reich."

According to polling just before what is still known in post-Communist Russia as Victory Day, fully half the population of the country intended to attend a military parade or commemorative procession on May 9, marking what the West used to celebrate the day before, May 8, as V-E Day, for Victory in Europe.

I'm willing to bet that, even now, every one of those Russians old enough to attend grade school could tell you the difference between a photo of a German soldier of that terrible historical period and one from any of the nations fighting Germany and its allies, especially their own.

Which suggests something more profoundly amiss in Canada than a mere historical blooper in the at once appalling and hilarious story of the Veterans Affairs Canada commemorative online video that identified World War II German soldiers as, erm, Canadians, with the tagline Lest We Forget!

Amnesia, anyone?  (more...)

More than amnesia -- deliberate obfuscation. The Rabble article goes on to agglomerate neo-Nazis with Catholics and pro-lifers. The Left is not solely to blame for this sleight of the dialectical hand. The Right has also exploited the Right to Life to buttress questionable political agendas. When you lie down with dogs, you're likely to rise with fleas.

fascism Nazi politics prolife Catholic history

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