Sunday, May 5, 2019

Nazi Blues -- Canada’s new far right: A trove of private chat room messages reveals an extremist subculture

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They come from all walks of life: tradesmen, soldiers, a student teacher, a financial analyst, an aspiring lawyer, among others. And they are in every province, in communities large and small. They gather on the internet to strategize and seek pathways into mainstream politics. They are anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, sexist and racist. They are young and radicalized. They are the new far right in Canada.

The Globe and Mail has obtained a trove of 150,000 messages posted between February, 2017, and early 2018 that reveal the private communications of a loosely aligned node of Canadian right-wing extremists. The record of their continuing conversations reveals a movement, energized by the rise of white ethnonationalism in the United States, that aims to upend a decades-old multicultural consensus in this country.

The discussions reviewed by The Globe and Mail originally took place on a text-and-voice application called Discord, an app meant for gamers that is also popular with the far right. The group called itself the Canadian Super Players, apparently to disguise themselves as video gamers.

The messages were given to The Globe and Mail by Montreal-based anti-fascists, who infiltrated the chat room in order to gather information on the far right and disrupt their activities.

The discussions celebrate Nazism and joke about the Holocaust. They contain boasts of racist, sexist and homophobic behaviour on the part of participants. Many of the in-jokes and memes the members share resemble those propagated by the far right in the United States and Europe.  (more...)

This is the first journalistic effort that I have seen that comes this close to naming the foundational Nazi nexus in Canada -- its blue-blood daycare centre in the heart of Toronto. There are several references to the University of Toronto and its graduates and academics. Although the article treats this connection peripherally and focuses on fringers seeking societal legitimacy, the truth is that Canada has a blue blood core of Nazis and its elite anglo-american university is at its heart. Unfortunately, The Globe and Mail is dependent on corporate advertising revenue and is as much controlled as any American Operation Mockingbird mouthpiece. The Deschênes Commission sorta-kinda investigated the Nazi ratline into Canada but, as continued MKULTRA disclosures have shown, there is still much to be revealed to the Canadian public. My own experience at the university convinced me that the Nazification of Canada's oligarchy runs much deeper. We need an honest investigator like John Loftus to scope out the true depth and extent of Canada's rat's nest:

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