Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Allen Dulles and the Birth of the CIA

fascism accountability Nazi books war military CIA assassination crime corruption subversion history

Allen Dulles embodied the dark forces that have shaped the past hundred years or so of world history. He was the monster at the heart of the American century. His crimes were so great they echo into our own time through the chain of consequences he unleashed. The world is trapped in a paranoid new Cold War Allen Dulles was there from the start of the old Cold Wars whether one means it’s true origins in 1917 or the more commonly known one that began in 1945 in the wake of World War II. In Yemen and in Syria, and Libya hundreds of thousands have died, millions are going hungry in wars unleashed by America and it’s Saudi allies. Allen Dulles was there at the birth of the American and Saudi alliance working in partnership with the man behind the Saudi throne British spy Jack Philby.  In the Congo 10 million have died in a brutal imperialist war. It was Allen Dulles who destroyed the Congo’s future by sending in the CIA to oversee the overthrow and brutal murder of Lumumba.  In Ukraine a coup was launched putting a fascist regime in power and setting off a second cold war. For decades Allen Dulles worked closely with the Nazis before during and after the war.  It was also Allen Dulles who played a pivotal role re-organizing the fascist emigres through the Orwellian named National Committee For a Free Europe and through his alliance with Nazi spymaster Reinhard Gehlen who controlled the Ukrainian fascists of the OUN/B as they waged a forgotten covert war in Ukraine that lasted into the fifties. Allen Dulles a man who died 50 years ago is still as relevant today because of his monstrous creation the CIA. As long as the CIA lives on so will lies, endless wars, coups, assassinations, torture, terrorism. Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States itself there is not a corner of the world that Allen Dulles and the CIA did not leave permanently scarred. Millions died and millions are still dying while billions live in misery and poverty.  (more...)

fascism accountability Nazi books war military CIA assassination crime corruption subversion history


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