Friday, November 23, 2018

The Underground Reich: Tracing the Resurgence of Fascism

Nazi fascism crime corruption war politics business secret societies conspiracy

We are currently experiencing a massive resurgence of fascism. How could an ideology that was so thoroughly defeated and discredited at the end of World War II not only survive but continue to thrive down through the decades? Dave Emory has spent decades researching this question and his work has been invaluable in my research on fascism. I have relied on three of his favorite books to write this article: “The Hitler Legacy” by Peter Levenda, “The Beast Reawakens” by Martin A. Lee and “Dreamer of the Day” by Kevin Coogan.

One key factor guaranteeing the survival of fascism was the role the American empire played in saving fascist war criminals, then hiring them to wage covert wars across the planet. In past articles I have dealt with the role of the Gehlen Organization, the GLADIO "stay behind"  networks, and WACL(The World Anti-Communist League) an international fascist alliance brought together by the CIA. Nazis were not content with this subservient role. They wanted a Fourth Reich. In pursuit of this agenda, and after splintering following their defeat in World War II, they pursued surprising strategies. They forged an alliance with the non-aligned movement. To weaponize religion, they allied with Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus. A few formed alliances with the communist world. They both battled and secretly served the West German government. They also found friends among the American extreme right. A global network of fascists operating on the fringes of society proved to be surprisingly effective in shaping Western politics. While their agenda became mainstream, this history has been widely ignored. Reading about Europe during the 1990’s in Martin A. Lee’s “The Beast Reawakens: Fascism’s Resurgence from Hitler’s Spymasters to Today’s Neo-Nazi Groups and Right Wing Extremists,” I was shocked at how similar the situation in the 1990’s was to events of today, as well as  how quickly the world forgets. Then too, there was a massive anti-immigrant hysteria accompanied by escalating fascist hate crimes.

The Nazis were online long before their was an Internet and have been shockingly effective at spreading their ideology. It is imperative that we begin an offensive against this trend. One of the keys to the success of fascism has been its ability to constantly mutate, to disguise itself, to infiltrate and corrupt efforts to battle imperialism, Zionism and even fascism. Some of the people reading this have been infected with this spirit of hatred. Many are fascists without realizing it. The world is heading for an extremely dark period that the human race may not survive. A war of all against all, balkanization, mass murder, millions of refugees - as has happened in Rwanda, DRCongo, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine. This is the inevitable consequence of stoking tribal, ethnic, national, racial and religious hatreds. Is this the future you want? This is precisely what the elite desire - for everyone to be be too busy fighting each other to notice their criminal destruction and  looting of the planet.  The strive to create a world broken up into tiny statelets unable to resist the power of multinational corporations. Their is a war for our minds. The fascists are winning. Only by uniting do we have any hope of defeating them.  (more...)

Interview with Hugo Turner:

Nazi fascism crime corruption war politics business secret societies conspiracy

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