Saturday, November 10, 2018

Secret army of 200 German SAS in neo-Nazi terror plot to slaughter politicians and immigrants

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A SECRET army of 200 elite soldiers planned to slaughter politicians and immigrants in Germany, it is revealed today.

Authorities have smashed the plot by serving and former neo-Nazi members of the country’s special forces to wreak havoc on “Day X”.

The sensational conspiracy is uncovered in a seven-page report by Berlin news weekly Focus.

The breakaway group of the Bundeswehr’s KSK — the equivalent to the SAS — aimed to kill Green Party leader Claudia Roth, foreign minister Heiko Mass and former president Joachim Gauck.

Death squads planned to lure them and other left-wingers to remote locations and assassinate them.

Leaders of asylum seeker groups blamed for terrorism, rapes and social unrest were also in their sights.  (more...)


Gotta hold onto our traditions!

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