Monday, November 5, 2018

Kidman Connections: The CIA, Secret Societies & Ritual Abuse

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In 1527, Ignatius of Loyola was let off with a warning by a Christian court for having sympathy with the Alumbrados of Spain, also known as the Spanish Illuminati. In 1534, Loyola became the founder of The Jesuit Order. In 1773 the Pope ordered the Supression of the Jesuits and Adam Weishaupt became a professor of Canon Law at a Jesuit University. Weishaupt founded his Order of the Illuminati in 1776.

Antony Kidman and his brother went to St. Aloysius College in Sydney, a Jesuit school. After graduating, Antony’s brother went on to pursue the ‘spiritual’ side of his education and decided to become a Jesuit. While in training to become a member of the secret society, he developed schizophrenia and had to abandon his plans.

Catholicism remained strong in the Kidman family. They attended the Star of The Sea Jesuit Church in North Sydney and Father Paul Coleman was their family priest. This was also the place chosen for the funeral of Antony in 2014, which only came a month after he was formally notified of Fiona Barnett’s allegations. Coleman also officiated the marriage of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in 2006. It is interesting that Nicole maintains her Jesuit links while being connected with The Church of Scientology, a CIA/MKULTRA linked cult.  (more...)


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