Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Patrick Brown is better off away from the Ontario PC Party's nest of vipers

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In the end, in the immortal words of Groucho Marx, Patrick Brown didn’t want to belong to any club that would accept him as a member.

In this, he showed excellent taste too, just as Groucho did when speaking about the now defunct Friars Club in Beverly Hills.

And the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario did want Brown — sort of, kinda, for a while, well a bit anyway, you know, until the first opportunity came along to dump him, and then they were merciless.

He was to be sure a flawed candidate for the leadership that was mere weeks ago his.

He has on his plate allegations (albeit much-called-into-question allegations) of sexual impropriety, a just-opened investigation into his real estate holdings by the provincial integrity commission underway (albeit prompted by a complaint from one of Brown’s most bitter antagonists, renegade MPP Randy Hillier), lingering questions about just how much he had grown the party membership (albeit raised by interim party leader Vic Fedeli, who quit the leadership race in 2015 and backed Christine Elliott over Brown, and briefly showed a raging hunger for the permanent job again, until caucus decided it wouldn’t just be handed to him) and constant sniping and leaking from other fellow Conservative MPPs.

No sooner had CTV aired its sensational story alleging Brown had acted badly with two unidentified young women (I phrase it that way because the allegations certainly didn’t rise to the level of criminal conduct, and as the story weakened over the ensuing days and weeks, it’s even debatable they rise to the level of that beloved modern #MeToo catchword, “misconduct”) on Jan. 24 than the party began the process of throwing their beloved leader under the bus.  (more...)

It's difficult to overstate how odious this caucus is. Take as an example the closet Nazi Randy Hillier. Could Hillier's beef with Brown have been about his ethnic outreach program, responsible for so many new party memberships?

Paul Fromm's endorsement of a PC leadership hopeful suddenly comes into focus. Why would ANYONE want to lead this snakepit?

corruption politics disfunctionality fascism nazi
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