Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Weaponizing Dostoyevsky: He’s no bot, but Russia's media guy in Canada manages to stir up controversy just the same

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Will never be interviewed on Rebel Media
Ottawa. You've likely never heard of him, but Kirill Kalinin may be one of the more influential media-relations operators in Canada.

He has a track record of generating significant coverage for stories mainstream media normally wouldn't touch with a barge pole. He doesn't usually get media to adopt his point of view, but he often succeeds at having them acknowledge it, which is important to his employer. He's not shy about controversy.

He also runs -- apparently single handedly -- a pretty savvy social media operation with more than 9,000 followers on Twitter. That's not a huge number compared with rock stars and sports heroes, but it includes a pretty high percentage of the influencers media relations specialists prize.

If most Canadians have never heard of Kalinin, it's because he Tweets under the handle "Russia in Canada." That, in turn, is to be found on Twitter at @RussianEmbassyC.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Kalinin is Press Secretary of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ottawa. If you pay attention to the news in Canada, it's quite likely you've read a news story he's promoted to reporters and on Twitter. You might even have seen his name, without really noticing it.  (more...)

When stupidity became the West's worst enemy:

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