Friday, February 2, 2018

SHERMAN MURDERS: Did organized crime kill billionaire?

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Billionaire Barry Sherman probably wasn’t murdered by his numerous bitter enemies at Big Pharma.

Jeffrey Robinson — author of Prescription Games – Money, Ego and Power Inside the Global Pharmaceutical Industry — interviewed Sherman for the 2001 book.

He said he was stunned when he heard the generic drug dynamo had been murdered.

“Barry was a strange guy but he was perfectly nice to me,” Robinson told the Toronto Sun. “At the time he was under surveillance by private detectives. Lesley Stahl was in town and tore him apart on 60 Minutes.”

It was during yet another one of the wars that Sherman, 75, waged with chilling regularity during his business career.

This time Sherman and his company, Apotex, were facing off with famed Dr. Nancy Oliveri of Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children over the drug deferiprone.

“Barry Sherman was constantly at war with everybody and when I talked to him, he had an agenda, ‘I’m creating jobs in Canada’, ‘I’m protecting the little guy against big pharma’,” Robinson recalled.

“He was basically saying, ‘it’s me against the world.’”

However, the writer said that when Sherman said he was surprised he hadn’t been bumped off by his slew of enemies, he was being glib.  (more...)


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