Friday, February 9, 2018

Debate rages online after Vaughan teacher accused of sex assault on student

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The winsome Ms. Riossi
"Let her go to trial before you judge."

That's just one of the comments posted online about Marianna Riossi, 28, the teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a male teenage student at one of the numerous schools she worked at in York Region.

Last night and this morning, Riossi's webpage lit up with comments both for and against the Vaughan substitute teacher who is alleged to have carried out a months-long relationship with the teenager between October and December.

"I have nothing but great things to say about Miss Riossi," reads one of the anonymous comments. "She has taught my son and I trust her fully. She volunteers her time ... She is a perfectionist whom strives to get the best from of her students ... because she cares. Ms Riossi is a fantastic role model for any young person in today’s world. If only there were more teachers like her."

Another post questions why she would put herself in a situation such as the one she's accused of.

"She was about to get married and just got engaged," it reads. "Why on Earth would she ruin her life? She's more than amazing."

Others cast doubt on the veracity of the allegations against her.  (more...)


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