Friday, February 2, 2018

Of Ethnic Outreach, Conservative Disfunctionality, and Nazification

Inflated their party membership through ethnic outreach; autocratic leadership
style; alienated key supporters; imploded their organizations; exited in disgrace
If the past is prelude to the present:
. . . . Frustration over Truman’s 1948 election victory over Dewey (which they blamed on the “Jewish vote”) impelled Dulles and his protégé Richard Nixon to work toward the realization of the fascist freedom fighter presence in the Republican Party’s ethnic outreach organization. As a young congressman, Nixon had been Allen Dulles’s confidant. They both blamed Governor Dewey’s razor-thin loss to Truman in the 1948 presidential election on the Jewish vote. When he became Eisenhower’s vice president in 1952, Nixon was determined to build his own ethnic base. . . . 
. . . . Vice President Nixon’s secret political war of Nazis against Jews in American politics was never investigated at the time. The foreign language-speaking Croatians and other Fascist émigré groups had a ready-made network for contacting and mobilizing the Eastern European ethnic bloc. There is a very high correlation between CIA domestic subsidies to Fascist ‘freedom fighters’ during the 1950’s and the leadership of the Republican Party’s ethnic campaign groups. The motive for the under-the-table financing was clear: Nixon used Nazis to offset the Jewish vote for the Democrats. . .  
. . . . In 1952, Nixon had formed an Ethnic Division within the Republican National Committee. Displaced fascists, hoping to be returned to power by an Eisenhower-Nixon ‘liberation’ policy signed on with the committee. In 1953, when Republicans were in office, the immigration laws were changed to admit Nazis, even members of the SS. They flooded into the country. Nixon himself oversaw the new immigration program. As Vice President, he even received Eastern European Fascists in the White House.. . .
Quoted from The Secret War Against the Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aarons. Read this post at The Spitfire List carefully:

Now, read this Brown-friendly account at what has gone on in the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party:

Conservative ethnic outreach, Brown-style, has certainly not been color or faith blind. Conservative politics, thanks to Rebel Media and its sponsors, has been "progressing" in an alarming direction:

Given our country's increasing involvement with Nazified Ukraine, we need to look back at the first Cold War to estimate where the new one may be headed.

A final thought on what Ontario would have looked like under a Brown government:

Have we dodged the Bay Street bullet, or merely set ourselves up for the next one?

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