Friday, December 1, 2017

Ontario Student’s Death Shines Light On Bullying Issues Within Canada's School System

Phoenix Acero was a friendly, free-spirited teen from Haliburton, Ont., who loved music and skateboarding. The 14-year-old had a big heart that went with his big plans — he hoped to be a lawyer or a rapper one day. He was the type of person who would stand up for anyone, even strangers.

That's why the teen's sudden death in May stunned his family and friends.

"He was our life. Our world. My first true love," Acero's mom, Dulce, told HuffPost Canada.

Because Acero had a strong moral compass, he defended vulnerable students from bullies — and that turned him into a target, says his family.

"Phoenix always stood up for people, especially the special needs students," close friend Maddie Phippen, 17, told HuffPost Canada in an email.

In May, after Acero defended a peer at Ontario's Haliburton Highlands Secondary School, a bully allegedly told Acero to go kill himself. The teen died suddenly the next day.  (more...)

Can we say that Kathleen Wynne's merry chase after gender norms was a red herring and diversion? Kids need real supports, not ideological opportunism. And, they don't need sexual predation added to their problems.

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