Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Canadian man, 71, busted in Thai pedophile ring: Cops

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Eddy Walsh, a 71-year-old, Canadian pensioner, is suspected of being part of a pedophile ring in Thailand.
Police in Thailand have arrested an elderly Canadian man who media reports say was part of a secret cabal of foreign pedophiles who preyed on young teenage boys in the resort city of Pattaya.

Eddy Walsh, 71, was busted for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old boy. He has denied the charge.

It wasn’t immediately known where Walsh is from in Canada, but sources told Tnews that the pensioner hung around a group of European retirees who engaged in sexually molesting children.

One of the men was allegedly a condo manager.

Walsh was arrested outside the hotel Yen Sabai Mansion in central Pattaya. A warrant for his arrest had been issued Tuesday.

The alleged victim’s mother said her son was taken to a room in the hotel and molested as a video camera recorded.  (more...)

Offshoring our pedophiles?

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